Dr. J, Monti Washington and Show Me Democracy to showcase NACA National!

If you are going to NACA virtual conference Feb. 25, check out our lecture showcases. Monti Washington’s “Which Lives Matter,” Dr. Julia Garcia’s “Give a Dose with Dr. J“, and “Show Me Democracy.“

A Day With Dr.J

A Day With Dr.J

  Calling all College Students!  When your classmates struggle, where do they go?  After working with hundreds of thousands of students nationwide, Dr. J’s research reveals how students often stay silent about their struggles because: 1. They don’t think anyone will care 2. They don’t want to burden people with their problems. 3. They think people [Read more…]

New Program! From Lonely to Loving It: Hilarious Guide to College Transition

Help your students navigate their new world! From Lonely to Loving It: Hilarious Guide to College Transition Contemplating quitting college Lauren had a choice: drop out or find a way to adapt and thrive. Opting to stay, she improvised to find strategies that allowed her to blossom as the odd one out at home and [Read more…]

Dr. J to showcase NACA Mid-America~

Dr. Julia Garcia has 2 exciting new shows.  You can see her empowerment program We Don’t Look Like our Stories at the NACA  conference in Covington, KY on Friday, Oct. 25. TEDx performer, impact speaker, and mental health expert, Dr. Julia Garcia, has spent the past 10 years sharing her story across campuses nationwide and [Read more…]

Monti Washington to showcase NACA Central, Northeast & West!

Monti has been having a huge impact on students everywhere.  See him in Covington, Hartford and Ontario.  

Show Me Democracy!

Show Me Democracy!

Virtual Option: Individual screenings followed by your choice of various technology options (ie: Zoom, Skype) for group Q & A/discussion with the principals from the film. Amidst the storm of the Ferguson, MO, shooting, seven St. Louis college students evolved into advocates and activists as they demanded change through policy and protest. From 100 hours [Read more…]

New Climate Change Program! Eyewitness to Climate Change: Melting Ice & Rising Seas

 David Thoreson  work has appeared across a broad spectrum of media from the Smithsonian to the Guardian, PBS and TED. In 2010, David completed a 28,000-mile circumnavigation of the N/S American continents on the 64-foot research sailboat Ocean Watch working with NASA, NOAA and universities in two hemispheres. Find out how climate change affects YOU!

New Mental Health Awareness program: Crazy In College

An Uncensored Look Inside the Mind of Mental Illness: Depression, Anxiety, and Bipolar Disorder Tom Ryan’s, Crazy in College program is an interactive, compelling, RAW, UNCENSORED exploration of depression, anxiety and bi-polar complete with SOLUTIONS for college students, their family and friends. Crazy in College is based on Tom’s  “8 Ways to Kick ASS with [Read more…]

Which Lives Matter? / Monti Washington

Which Lives Matter? / Monti Washington

    “WHICH LIVES MATTER” is an intense, inclusive, educational program, intended to build bridges, not walls.  Speaker, poet, and activist Monti Washington helps students explore the history, conditioning, stereotypes, and racism that separates and divides our community and nation.   He addresses the issues from a social media and social justice perspective.     With spoken word [Read more…]

Zohra Sarwari’s new program: What is Sharia Law? Is It Really Coming to the United States?

What is Sharia Law?  Is It Really Coming to the United States? Is it a barbaric set of laws that Muslims are trying to sneak into the US?  Does Sharia Law take all of the women’s rights away?  Does Sharia Law have brutal punishments for those who break the Law?  Are the Muslims trying to [Read more…]