Diversity University / Dr. Julia Garcia & Monti Washington

Diversity University / Dr. Julia Garcia & Monti Washington

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Part of The TRU College Life series!
Julia Garcia & Monti Washington

Take it first hand from the foster kid who struggled for the opportunity to make it to college and the party girl who almost gave it all away.

Millennials Monti Washington and Julia Garcia are two of the most talented and dynamic speakers of our time. Beginning at very young ages, Monti and Julia had every excuse in the world to give up and be unsuccessful. From broken homes, poverty, abuse and foster care, to family tragedies, bullying, rehab, and even rape, they could have easily fallen under the radar.

Using slam poetry and role-playing, there has never been a more powerful team of young speakers who can connect with and inspire your students. They cover all the layers of diversity, including gender, race, sexuality, physical disabilities, socioeconomic circumstances, and more.

Monti and Julia are living examples that, if you are TRU to yourself, then anything is truly possible! And as soon as you make up your mind to do so, you too, will be UNSTOPPABLE!

Julia Garcia

Julia Garcia received her Master’s degree in Human Science with a concentration in social transformation from Saybrook University. She recieved her Bachelor of Communication Arts from New York Institute of Technology and she is currently working towards her PHD in Human Science at Saybrook University.

At 24 years old, Julia Garcia published her first book, Somewhere In Between.

Julia Garcia has been on the lecture circuit since 2009, when she became the creator and founder of Truality.org; a TRU Movement that combines motivational speaking with the creative arts, such as theatre and spoken word poetry. Through Truality, Julia has inspired thousands of students across the country to be TRU…The Real U.

Julia has also showcased at the 2012 NACA National Conference, as well as the NACA Mid-Atlantic and Central Regions.

Monti Washington

Professional actor and award winning spoken word poet, Monti Washington, epitomizes TRU talent and perseverance. After growing up abused and in and out of foster care, without a father or a home, Monti continued to inspire and shock the world with his ability to conquer all odds against him and inspire all of those around him in the process.

With over 8 years of professional experience working with youth, Monti has encouraged thousands of individuals to believe in themselves and create positive change in their lives. He uses his natural ability to connect with his audience through his powerful keynote assemblies, one on one mentorship programs, as well as his life changing personal development techniques to instill lasting success for both students and adults.

Whether you are looking to improve your live, build more meaningful relationships or conquer your wildest dreams, Monti Washington’s “Success No Matter What” theory is guaranteed to guide you each step of the way.


All of the speakers were amazing! Hands down, the students absolutely loved Julia and Monti. I even had some students step out of the room to cry! That is how intense it was! The program was so amazing! We will definitely be working with you in the future. All of the external schools were talking about bringing them to their schools so that was pretty cool. Thanks for everything, Jayne. I could not have done it without you.

Rachel, Assistant Director, Student Activities
Sam Houston University

Julia and Monti were awesome, even better than last year if that is possible! They had students and staff, laughing and crying, but mostly relating, feeling, and understanding. Their energy even increased during the second presentation. I’m not sure how they do it?

Thank you for everything,
Tim, Director, Student Activities
College of NJ

Diversity University was so relevant, fresh, and modern that it was enjoyable, moving, and touching. I have worked for the orientation office for the last four years and this was by far one of our favorite speakers on this topic. The two had a way to captivate the audience but entertain at the same time. It was very enjoyable.

They both were really awesome to work with as well, we had a few technical issues and they were so professional and understanding.

Thank you for your wonderful thoughts and feelings. You truly impacted “Southern Utah University Class of 2019”.

Southern Utah University

Students and staff alike both enjoyed and benefited from Julia and Monti’s personal sharing. Their program was engaging and a little heart breaking at times for many. Although we have not had our evaluation wrap-up meeting I suspect there will be much discussion regarding wanting to bring them back next year. I hope they enjoyed their time at TCNJ as much as we enjoyed having them visit. Thank you for all of your assistance on making this program happen. Everyone could not have been easier to work with which is immensely appreciated.

College of NJ

We had a fantastic program with Julia and Monti. The room was full and the energy was amazing. Those two were the perfect wrap up to a long weekend of sessions for our new students. The students had all good things to say!

Tricia G.
Salisbury U


The program went great.  As expected, Monti and Julia were upbeat, friendly, and energetic.  They delivered their message to the students with passion and professionalism.  We all enjoyed the program.  Thank you so much for helping us make it happen.

Andy H
Penn State


Last night was AMAZING! The conversation and vibe was great. Most, if not all of them, stayed after for a photo or to chat some more with Monti and Julia. We want to bring them back next year for our Extended Orientation weekend.

Josh, Texas A & M

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