From the Streets to the Stage / Monti Washington

From the Streets to the Stage / Monti Washington

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A product of a one night stand, abused in foster home after foster home, and raised sleeping in parks were just a few of the daunting obstacles in Monti’s journey from the streets to the stage.

This is an interactive presentation, designed to help students gain the problem solving skills needed to be successful, both inside and outside of the classroom. Through crowd participation, story telling, and poetry, students will be engaged, encouraged, and empowered to make it from the streets of their minds, to the stage of their dreams.

Monti’s passion for helping students stems from the adversity he faced early on in life. Forced to live in poverty due to his mother’s drug addiction, Monti grew up sleeping on cardboard boxes, living in parks, and being abused by foster parent after foster parent. Until 8th grade Monti was in special Ed. classes and was held back on two separate occasions. Despite this adversity, Monti went on to obtain two college degrees, become a state basketball champion, award winning poet, Mcdonalds All- American nominee, nationally recognized actor, and co-founder of, a non-profit organization aimed at inspiring youth to be TRU The Real U.



CLASS IS NOW IN SESSION! The ability to handle adversity on College & University campuses is essential to being the best campus leader possible. Monti Washington A.K.A “America’s Adversity Coach” teaches students how to TURN ADVERSITY INTO SUCCESS! Adversity University is an interactive keynote designed to help students develop the leadership, problem solving, & creative thinking skills needed to be successful in and out of the classroom. Through storytelling, crowd participation activities, and a uniquely entertaining approach, students will see how adversity can be used to make them better leaders in the classroom, on campus, and in life.


Monti was a pleasure to work with and had amazing energy. He is a genuine person (both on-stage and off) and really connected with the student audience in a powerful way. Everyone in attendance raved about him afterward, and each person was affected uniquely by his strong message of positivity and motivation. Thank you Monti, Montana will miss you and hopes to see you again!” 

Rocky Mountain College

 You were definitely right – Monti was a dream!
He was such a pleasure to work with and he kicked off the conference in the best way possible.

Rachel,  Dir.  Leadership & Experiential Learning Dept
Rutgers U

 Monti was great and exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed working with your agency, and hope to do so in the future.

Best, Hannah


Just wanted to thank you Monti for a fabulous assembly at Westview. The students and staff really appreciated your story, quick wit and enthusiasm. Speaking in front of 2500 students and keeping them engaged is no easy task…but you have a gift. Looking forward to your return next year!

Mike S


Thank you very much Monti for presenting at my school. I appreciate your ability to inspire not only my students and I, but also my colleagues! I will be spreading the word of your talents and abilities to all who will listen. Thanks for being you!

Sincerely, Karen S

I think the students really took something away from the presentation. Our career fair was the next day and I ran into a student who had attended the program. He told me he had “pumped himself up in the bathroom telling himself all the reasons why he was the shit.”

Shannon S. Washburn U


Wednesday with Monti went great. He was polite and friendly. Monti was awesome at going with the flow with the changes in our itinerary. He gave an amazing performance which touched many hearts in the audience. I am really grateful to have been able to work with him and you.

Emporia State, KS

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