ALL Signs Point to MAYBE / Maybe Burke

ALL Signs Point to MAYBE / Maybe Burke

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How do you know you’re transgender? With all the different words people can use for their gender, how do you find the one that works for you? What happens after you come out? Join Maybe Burke as they tell the story of growing to reject binary gender roles, choose their own name, and stay true to themself. Through personal anecdotes and Q & A, Maybe works to break down their personal journey of coming into nonbinary trans identity as a way to foster an understanding of transgender people and inspire listeners to be true to themselves.

All Signs Point to Maybe is a lecture and they also offer a Trans 101 webinar.


As trans people are gaining more recognition in the mainstream, a lot of terminology is being newly introduced into people’s lives. It can be hard to find a reliable resource to find the difference between “non-binary” and “gender non-conforming,” or to learn what “cisgender” actually means. This interactive training will cover the basics, clear up misconceptions, and help participants feel up-to-date on trans experiences.

They also offer programming around Sexual Assault Awareness:

Surviving The Report: Reli(e)ving the Trauma of Sexual Abuse

Since the height of the #metoo movement, conversations around sexual assault prevention and survival have skyrocketed. However, many people are still unaware of what it takes to report an abuser. This program will take you through one survivor’s story of survival from an early teenage abuser, to being able to name the abuse, to coming forward and reporting. Join Maybe Burke for a conversation about how they told family members, partners, friends, and eventually detectives; and how that process helped them to heal and grow from their experiences.

Maybe Burke is a New York based actor, writer, and human rights advocate interested in telling the stories that haven’t been told. Their work has been seen at Joe’s Pub, Cherry Lane Theatre, Ars Nova, HERE Arts Center, New Dramatists, The NYC LGBTQ Center, and more. Maybe received the 2017 Fresh Fruit Spirit Award for Fostering Pride, Survival, History, and Progress. This award was for their solo show, Love Letters to Nobody, which also earned them a nomination for the 2018 Doric Wilson Independent Playwright Award. Maybe has spoken on many panels and facilitated several workshops around trans and queer identities. They have spoken about representation all over, from Buzzfeed to BroadwayCon. As the Artistic Associate of Honest Accomplice Theatre, Maybe founded The Trans Literacy Project, in which they collaborate with trans artists, advocates, and activists to produce accessible videos which address questions about trans experiences. @believeinmaybe


“We need more  artists like Maybe Burke that honestly add complexity to the narrative of growing up trans and do so with style and heart.”

-Edge Media Network

“One thing is certain: Maybe is spectacular.”

“It was one of those programs that absolutely broke my heart, made me genuinely laugh, and opened my perspective on things.”

“It was achingly honest while remaining witty, positive, and nuanced.”

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