Dirty Girl: What Does It Mean To Be A Woman Today? / Julia Garcia

Dirty Girl: What Does It Mean To Be A Woman Today? / Julia Garcia

After her spoken word poetry video “DIRTY GIRL” caught the attention of over 30,000 viewers on YouTube, nationally renowned Speaker, Julia Garcia, responded with this raw and highly relevant program for college students everywhere.

she wished she could remember how it got to a point,
where she became the kind of girl who didn’t know who she was
Was she a slut? Broken? A lost cause?
Or were these just things that every young girl does?

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Julia spent her twenties traveling the country and hearing the stories of hundreds of thousands of students who revealed their personal experiences with sexual assault, rape, and the hookup culture. Nearly every single story struggled with feeling shamed into silence.

She laid down for everyone else
because she was too afraid to stand up for herself

Recognized as a peer with a not so pretty past herself, Julia is able to uniquely engage both young men and women on the most uncomfortable, but critical, conversations about what really goes on in-between and beyond the sheets. This riveting narrative, alongside students, explores the truth behind today’s sex culture and how we can, TOGETHER, rewrite it.

why is it so hard to feel loved or feel worthy?
why couldn’t she escape this constant feeling of being undeserving and dirty?

Topics covered:
3.    THE “S” BOMBS

At 24 years old, Julia Garcia published her first book, Somewhere In Between.  Julia  has been on the lecture circuit since 2009, when she became the creator and founder of Truality.org; a TRU Movement that combines motivational speaking with the creative arts, such as theatre and spoken word poetry. Through Truality, Julia has inspired thousands of students across the country to be TRU…The Real U.

What schools are saying:

The program was totally interactive and had everyone so involved. In a matter of an hour the group felt like they had known each other for a long time and we realized that we all go through things similar to each other and feel insecure about ourselves. Everyone wishes they were smarter, prettier, more athletic, popular, etc., but we all our beautiful in our own way. We just have to believe it.  The group went away feeling that they could accomplish anything that they wanted to and they believe that any thing is possible not impossible. It was great for both men and women.

I would recommend it for anyone wanting students to have good self concept about themselves. I loved it!

Pat D
Student Activities Director
Middlesex County College

I just wanted to thank you for your help in bringing Julia Garcia to our campus. She had a great message and an interactive presentation that kept our students engaged and really opened their eyes. We have had only positive comments! It was also a pleasure working with you, Jayne, in getting everything in order for our program. Thanks to you both!

Stephanie B
West Texas A & M University
Assistant Director of Student Activities
Peer Education Advisor

It went so well! Julia is amazing and everyone loved her talk. It was so cool being able to see her again with new material. It is truly inspiring the way she is able to connect with an audience. We sold a bunch of books and she stayed and talked to students, the night was just perfect! We had about 150 female athletes in attendance, they all had nothing but good things to say after. She is so great to work with, as is everyone with CIA.
Thank you so much for helping us bring amazing lectures to campus!!

Abbey, Lecture Chair
Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Julia was absolutely wonderful. Every student that attended had only wonderful things to say. One student told me that it was the greatest of the lecture series that we’ve ever done, and everything that Julia had to say had a tremendous impact on her. It was a pleasure to have Julia with us!

Kirby D
Coordinator of Student Activities
Tennessee Wesleyan College

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