Anxiety, Depression and You / Tom Ryan

Anxiety, Depression and You / Tom Ryan

Crazy in College:

An Uncensored Look Inside the Mind of Mental Illness: Depression, Anxiety, and Bipolar Disorder

Learn Tom’s 8 Ways to Kick ASS with Mental Illness!

Harness the power of mental illness and use it to your advantage!

Tom Ryan’s, program is an interactive, compelling, RAW, UNCENSORED exploration of depression, anxiety and bi-polar complete with SOLUTIONS for college students, their family and friends.

Anxiety, Depression and You is based on Tom’s  “8 Ways to Kick ASS with Mental Illness,” a powerfully motivating presentation with solutions students can use NOW!

Tom Ryan’s experience with mental illness began abruptly at the age of 18 when his mother had him committed to a mental institution.

Tom worked his way through college as a door-to-door salesman, graduating from Creighton University with a degree in psychology.

In his early 20’s, Tom embarked on an entrepreneurial path that led to being awarded the “Nebraska Businessman of the Year” at 27, becoming the youngest recipient in the award’s history. But ultimately the company failed, and Tom ended up living in his truck.

Tom reinvented himself and at age 32 began hosting a talk-radio show in Dallas, Texas. But the ups and downs kept coming. He started an outdoor event company, which was successful, at first – then, went bankrupt.

In his 40’s, Tom received a diagnosis of severe depression and bi-polar disorder.

The highs and lows he was experiencing in his professional life were symptomatic of what was going on inside of him. Luckily, the stabilizing force he needed turned out to be his hobby.

Tom was a triathlon athlete, finishing four Ironman triathlons. Over a period of years, he traveled the college lecture circuit speaking at over 100 colleges and universities on the topic of success, fitness, and nutrition. What had been a personal source of solace became the inspiration for his next venture.

Today, he lives in Coppell, TX, and leads the charge for the mental illness movement he created Nobody’s Normal, An Uprising for Those Affected by Mental Illness, and written his book, “I Am Crazy, An Uncensored Look Inside the Mind of Mental Illness: Depression, Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder.”

What Schools Are Saying:

Virtual Review:

We just wanted to give you a HUGE thank you for such a successful event Wednesday evening! With our in-person and virtual attendees we are estimating 180-200 people total. Even being virtual, we are considering this our most successful event of fall quarter. 😊

Kate R, Director of Student Programs Treasure Valley CC


Thank you for sticking with us through those technical difficulties at the beginning, and staying to answer student questions at the end. We heard some great feedback, and students really enjoyed hearing from you.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of the help getting Tom here! He was fantastic! Again, thank you so much and SPB hopes to work with you all again in the future!
Ashley P
Quinnipiac University


The program was GREAT and we were really happy Tom was able to stay afterwards for about an hour to talk with some really interested students.

Laura B
Longwood University

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