Funny Money / James Cunningham

Funny Money / James Cunningham

Everyone knows the stereotype of the broke college or university student.  You may even be one. Comedian and award-winning lecturer JAMES CUNNINGHAM turns students’ financial woes around with his critically acclaimed program, FUNNY MONEY.

FUNNY MONEY addresses what is a growing problem – young people leaving school unprepared for the day-to-day realities of paying the rent, properly using a credit card, or budgeting for the basic necessities.  The Funny Money mission is simple; take all of the confusion out of the complex world of finances and empower today’s youth with the knowledge they need to make good financial choices.

What is so special about FUNNY MONEY? It combines comedy with solid financial advice.  Although financial challenges are nothing to laugh about, Cunningham uses his knowledge and own personal experience as a student to relate economic ideas to college and university students.  Designed EXCLUSIVELY FOR STUDENTS, the lecture teaches them “everything they need to know about budgeting their money, managing their debt and investing for their futures.”  In order to explain these financial concepts, Cunningham uses numerous volunteers from the audience and a multimedia presentation. Audience members also have the chance to win cash prizes.

In this age of rising education costs, financial planning has become imperative.  The debt incurred from student loans alone can often seem daunting.  Worry not: FUNNY MONEY will have even the most fiscally challenged student back on their feet. Cunningham teaches students how to handle these difficult problems through the art of comedy.  Even students who are familiar with budgets and debt can learn from Cunningham’s discussion of investments and the ways in which one’s financial future can be secured.

Anyone who sees FUNNY MONEY will come away filled with both knowledge and laughter.

Since 1998, the program has prepared hundreds of thousand of students across North America for the financial realities of life after graduation.

Lecturer and standup comedian James Cunningham can currently be seen hosting the hit tv series Eat St. on Cooking Channel, where he takes audiences on a lip-smacking tour of North America’s best street food.

James’ first cookbook, Eat St. – Recipes from the Tastiest, Messiest, and Most Irresistible Food Trucks hit bookstores in 2013
(Pintail Books).

By day, James travels to hundreds of high schools and colleges across North America, annually. Through his multi-award winning Funny Money program, he is teaching students about wise spending and saving, preparing them for the real world that’s right around the corner. Funny Money teaches students fundamental lessons about good money management that will help them throughout their lives. To date, the program has reached over half a million students at more than 1,000 schools. The Funny Money program shows that learning through laughter is the best way to engage today’s youth on this critical topic.

What schools are saying

If any programming board is interested in bringing a truly educational yet entertaining speaker to their University, they should bring Mr. James Cunningham. Mr. Cunningham presented his innovative and educational program entitled “Funny Money” at the University of Alabama. This event was well-received by both students and faculty. Mr. Cunningham presented necessary and helpful information about the importance of managing one’s money effectively and eliminating credit card debt, in a compelling and interesting way. I would recommend this program for any University. This was one of my most successful events as Collegiate Life Director for our student programming board at the University. Mr. Cunningham was a pleasure to work with, and his program was truly exceptional.

Kimberly Goins
Collegiate Life Director
University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa)

Here is a long overdue note to let you know how much everyone on our campus enjoyed your “Funny Money” program. I haven’t gotten such an overwhelming response from our students in quite some time. As an advisor who sees dozens of educational programs/workshops every year, it was very gratifying to attend one that presents its audience with tangible and applicable strategies for improvement. Thanks, James, for not doing the same thing everyone else is doing.

Danielle L. Boileau
Coordinator of Student Development
Valencia Community College

The show was GREAT! James was fabulous. The students who were in attendance absolutely LOVED it and we felt it was a huge success!

Ossie Benitah
Director, Student Activities
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Career Highlights
2013 – Season Four premiere of Eat St. on Cooking Channel US and Food
Network Canada
2013 – Eat St. Cookbook – Recipes from The Tastiest, Messiest, and Most
Irresistible Food Trucks (Pintail/Penguin)
2012 – Special award from Jump$tart Coalition (Washington, DC) for his
contributions to youth financial literacy in North America
2012 – National 2-year sponsorship in Canada of Funny Money for High Schools Assembly Program (200 shows annually)
2011 – Best Unconventional Project award at World Chambers Competition, Mexico City (International Chambers of Commerce)
2011 – Hosting Eat St. TV series on Cooking Channel US and Food Network Canada
2010 – The Funny Money Manual published in Canada (a written companion to North America’s #1 FUN-ancial lecture for students)
2009 – “Hall of Fame” award – Canadian Organization of Campus Activities (COCA)
2009 – National 3-year sponsorship in Canada of Funny Money for High Schools Assembly Program (150 shows annually)
2008 – The Power Within events across Canada (performances with former President Bill Clinton, Suze Orman, Sir Richard Branson, Barbara Walters, Martha Stewart, Anthony Robbins, Quincy Jones, Kenneth Cole, Hilary Swank, Andre Agassi and CSI creator, Anthony Zuiker)
2008 – Comedy Inc. (completion of 5 consecutive seasons on the award-winning Canadian television series)
2007 – York Region Medal of Honor for “significantly improving the lives and futures of students”
2006 – Last Comic Standing (Season Five – NBC)
2006 – One hour Comedy Now television special (CTV/The Comedy Network)
2006 – Just for Laughs international comedy festival GALA (CBC/The Comedy Network)
2004 – “Lecture of the Year” award – Canadian Organization of Campus Activities (COCA)
2003 – “Lecture of the Year” award – Canadian Organization of Campus Activities (COCA)

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