Future Crop / Kevin Booth

Future Crop / Kevin Booth

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Now that 18 states have legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use, what does the future hold for marijuana consumption in the United States?

Topics Covered in his program include:
1.  With recreational marijuana use now legalized in Colorado and Washington, what is the future for the rest of the United States?
2.  How will pharmaceutical companies benefit from legalization?
3.  How would legalization affect the Mexican cartels?
4.  Children in the foster care system who have been removed from their homes because of their parents’ drug use are being court-ordered to take mind-altering prescription drugs. Who benefits from this?
5.  What are the trials in trying to grow your own cannabis?
6.  CBDs (Cannabinoids) vs. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)?
7.  What is Dabbing? Now that marijuana is legal in places like Colorado, are some users taking it too far?
8. Juicing, vaping, edibles and concentrated oils? Learn how cancer patients and other people with life threatening diseases are able to consume the FDA approved 600mg of Cannabinoids daily without smoking.

Kevin Booth is an award-winning director and producer of such documentaries as Showtime’s American Drug War: The Last White Hope, American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny, and How Weed Won the West. Kevin has filmed all over the world, immersing himself in the ever-changing and highly unpredictable marijuana industry.

Kevin’s films have won several awards for Best Feature Documentary in several American film festivals, including:
Artivist Film Festival’s Best Feature
International Human Rights Award

Kevin’s new film American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny, premiered in theaters across the country and is being hailed by critics as “the most important film on the failed drug war and the legalization of cannabis to date.”

Kevin’s unique perspective eschews tired legalization debates for a lively discussion focused on the most exciting frontiers of the marijuana industry.


The lecture was extremely informative and enjoyable. Many Americans need to be more well informed on how the War on Drugs is failing and is hurting our economy, our citizens and is exploiting our countries, and Kevins discussions addressed many of these issues head on and backed up with facts and statistics. After the lecture Kevin addressed the audience and gave us a opportunity to ask questions about the war on drugs and also questions about his upcoming work such as his documentary The American Drug War 2. It was a very fun evening and even more importantly an educational experience.

St Marys College

The film was well received by attendees and the question and answer period after the screening was insightful.  By sharing your own personal stories about legal and illegal drug use, I felt the audience could easily relate to the questions you posed in the film.  In addition, your persistence in getting top of the line interviews was very impressive, and appreciated by the audience.  I want to thank you for taking the initiative to create this documentary that reveals a variety of opinions on the war on drugs and the corruption it has lead to in our government.  Thank you for making our event at CSU a success.

Amanda B.
Colorado State University

Comments received:

I think the film empowered people with knowledge and stayed true to its title.” “It was right on!” “I always thought the government was corrupt, but I had no idea it went so far.” “I was amazed that so many of the people implicated in the Iran-Contra scandal are still holding positions of power in our government!

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