Rush to Judgment: Finding the Truth In a Viral World

Rush to Judgment: Finding the Truth In a Viral World

Rush to Judgment is a examination of the documentary film of the same name.  The subject is the brief encounter at the Lincoln Memorial that resulted in a viral video and social media mayhem.  It brought death threats and hate directed at teenagers from Covington Catholic High School who came face-to-face with adult protesters.  What can journalists and media consumers learn from this case and what does it tell us about the current divide in American politics? The lecture features director Steve Oldfield and producer Ryan Anderson examining these and other important issues concerning today’s viral media mashing up with the news media.


These award-winning documentary filmmakers and educators, Steve Oldfield & Ryan Anderson,  are committed to helping students, consumers, journalists, and content producers learn from the encounter at the Lincoln Memorial and the social media posts and news stories that came from the viral video. Their goal is to help prevent future cases of media mayhem & hate.

Steve Oldfield also directed the award-winning documentaries Lines of Sight and Covington at 200: Points of View.   He graduated from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism and the Institute on Political Journalism. Steve is currently a lecturer in the Dept. of Communication at Thomas More University.

Ryan Anderson brings his extensive knowledge of blogging, political commentary and independent media to Rush to Judgment.  He also has worked in cable television, producing and hosting an interview program aimed at teenagers and young adults.

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