Show Me Democracy!

Show Me Democracy!

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Virtual Option: Individual screenings followed by your choice of various technology options (ie: Zoom, Skype) for group Q & A/discussion with the principals from the film.

Amidst the storm of the Ferguson, MO, shooting, seven St. Louis college students evolved into advocates and activists as they demanded change through policy and protest. From 100 hours of footage shot over two years, the film Show Me Democracy has been woven into a powerful story of young people engaged in key issues: race, immigration, higher education equity, economic disparities, and more.

 Show Me Democracy is the powerful documentary about those efforts that premiered nationally on FUSE TV as the opening film for their “We the Dreamers” series. The film functions as a powerful tool that educates young people on not only the need for educational advocacy, but the power they have to affect change for themselves and those around them. Too often young people are dismissed, as a group without the right to have their views considered or their interests independently represented at any level of decision making. One of the film’s taglines illustrates that well – “Nothing about me, without me.” Your audience will realize they have the capacity, potential, power, and right to speak up on those issues that directly affect them and their peers.

15 Page DIscussion GUIDE INCLUDED with the program.
Topics include:
Activism, Advocacy, African American studies, Civic engagement , Civil rights, DACA, Democracy, Educational Equity, First Generation College Students, Immigration, Political science, Police ethics, Poverty, Racism , Undocumented immigrants, Voting and more.

On campus, there is a film screening, then extensive post- film discussion. Two of the film’s subjects will come to your campus.

What people are saying:


The “Show Me Democracy” presentation at SFCC went extremely well! One of our event programmers said it was one of the best they had seen so far. It was very well attended, and Dan, Karina and Amber were just amazing. We had planned this event as a way for students to get involved and hopefully excited about voter registration, and it did just that. Thank you so much for your help in putting this event together for our campus!

Elisa V., Spokane Falls Community College


Everything went great!! Both Karina and Brittany did an excellent job with engaging the audience. They both were every authentic and fun. They stayed after to chat more about the video with some of our students and community members. Thank you so much for all your help with this.

Mike O
Assistant Director of Diversity Programs and Multicultural Education Center
Mass College of Liberal Arts

Just wanted to say thank you and Show Me Democracy so much for all your help and in bringing the SMD experience to MCLA. The students and the north Adams community really enjoyed the event. Karina and Brittany did an amazing job keeping the audience engage by having a personal conversation with them and sharing their experience. They were very authentic and transparent with the audience which was really appreciated.Again, thanks to you, Karina and Brittany for bringing the experience of activism and advocacy to MCLA.

Mass College of Liberal Arts

Just watched the documentary. OUTSTANDING!!!!! I’m a police officer in St. Louis and this movement is truly taking an affect on how we are changing the way we police and encouraging dialogue between the community and police. Trust me when I say, your efforts are making a difference. The battle for education reform is phenomenal as well.

 St. Louis County Police Officer

Show Me Democracy does “a deft job of weaving together the two story strands of advocacy and activism.”

Cliff Froehlich, Director of St. Louis International Film Festival

A few students commented on how much they appreciated you breaking down Black Lives Matter and explaining the difference between democracy and wanting change versus what we see in the media with the riots and violence so many times. Also, you did a phenomenal job addressing how different black on black crime is from authority abusing their power…Overall, the students I spoke with and myself felt incredibly empowered and motivated by your film. There are so many injustices happening with racism in all spectrums of our city from police brutality to improper education.

Danielle G., MSW Student at University of Missouri – St.Louis

The documentary we were assigned to coincide with the topic made me realize I really didn’t understand the protests and what was going on in the world for people who were not white.  After doing the research I have gained an entirely different perspective about the world I live in.  It is a constant struggle [to] not laugh when someone makes a joke or to stop myself from stereotyping anyone but I admit to it.  I am trying to make this change so I am not as naive and I am prepared to teach my children the importance of trying to understand a situation, or person, before forming an opinion.

Student, Mineral Area College

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