Election 2024: How Will YOU Decide? / Rick Shenkman

Election 2024:  How Will YOU Decide? / Rick Shenkman

2024 is likely to be the most challenging election of the 21st century in America. A majority of Americans believe our democracy is at stake!

How can you vaccinate yourself against the political lies? New York Times bestselling author Rick Shenkman shows you how, in this EXCITING NEW lecture that features the latest CUTTING-EDGE RESEARCH in the fields of Neuroscience, Political Science, and Evolutionary Psychology.

BILLIONS of dollars are being spent to psychologically manipulate you, your friends, and your relatives! The secret cure to inoculating yourself is through self-knowledge and self-awareness. THE GREAT NEWS: We AREN’T ZOMBIES!

In this FUN, FACT-BASED video presentation, Rick Shenkman takes you on an eye-opening tour of the traditional myths that prevent many of us from seeing the truth that the alarmists want to hide from us. Schenkman starts with the greatest myth of all – THAT WE WANT OUR LEADERS TO TELL US THE TRUTH! SORRY, we DON’T! What we REALLY WANT is for our leaders to validate OUR version of the truth, which makes us feel good. And THAT’S the great danger that puts our Democracy at such great risk.


  • Lying
  • Fear Mongering
  • Exploiting Racism
  • Creating Confusion
  • Sugar Coating Reality
  • Exploiting Tribal Loyalties
  • Stigmatizing “Outsiders”
  • Telling People What They Want to Hear to Achieve Ulterior Motives

Human beings are born with a “6th Sense/gut feeling” of “cheater detection” ALSO KNOWN AS intuition. It’s like SPAM Detection for the brain! It helps to save us from being deceived most of the time. But politicians know how to “hack” our brains and sabotage our best defenses through extensive research into Neuroscience, Political Science, and Evolutionary Psychology.

Education works! By learning how politicians try to constantly scam us, we can recognize what they’re doing AS THEY DO IT — and CALL THEM OUT ON IT.


THANK you so much for today’s program. It was a true success & had over 100 in attendance! Additionally, I have heard multiple student’s & faculty’s feedback raving about the positive impact of Mr. Shenkman’s lecture. This was a great way to recognize “Constitution Day” on our campus. Thanks again and have a great week!

Steve B
Ivy Tech University


RICK was great to work with. He is very personable and passionate about this topic. He is able to deal with audience members who may challenge him in an aggressive manner with great ease. I have had him on campus several times and will certainly do it again. Jayne at Contemporary Issues Agency is also amazing to work with. We have brought many of CIA’s speakers and have always had a positive experiences.

Shelley B
Director of Student Life & Involvement
Centralia College

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