The Age of Lies: How to Protect Yourself From Politicians/Rick Shenkman

The Age of Lies:  How to Protect Yourself From Politicians/Rick Shenkman

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Learn about the 25 ways politicians con voters and how you can recognize a con when you see one.  In this presentation, New York Times bestselling author Rick Shenkman uses striking video clips to show the many ways politicians fool voters by appealing to their fears and exploiting their anger.  In a well-timed talk playing off stories in the news, Mr. Shenkman arms you with the information you need to navigate today’s treacherous polarized politics.


The list of offenses politicians commit includes:


•Lying                                   •Fear Mongering
•Exploiting Racism            •Sewing Confusion
•Sugar Coating Reality      •Exploiting Tribal Loyalties
•Stigmatizing Outsiders    •Telling People What They Want to Hear


The Problem:
Human beings are born with cheater detection software.  It’s like McAfee for the brain. It saves us from being conned.  But politicians know how to hack our brains and sabotage our best defenses.


The Solution
Education works!  By learning how politicians scam us we can recognize what they’re doing as they do it — and call them out on it.



Thank you so much for today’s program. It was a true success as we had just over 100 in attendance. Additionally, I have heard several pieces of positive feedback from those who came to hear Mr. Shenkman’s lecture. This was a great way to recognize Constitution Day on our campus.

Thanks again and have a great week!
Steve B
Ivy Tech University

Rick was great to work with. He is very personable and passionate about his topic. He is able to deal with audience members who may challenge him in an aggressive manner with great ease. I have had him on campus several times and would certainly do it again. Jayne at Contemporary Issues Agency is also amazing to work with. We have brought many of their speakers and have always had a positive experience.

Shelley B
Director of Student Life & Involvement
Centralia College

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