Technology/Social Media

Rush to Judgement / Stephen Oldfield and Ryan Anderson

Rush to Judgment is a examination of the documentary film of the same name,  The subject is the brief encounter at the Lincoln Memorial that resulted in a viral video and social media mayhem.  It brought death threats and hate directed at teenagers from Covington Catholic High School who came face-to-face with adult protesters.  What can journalists [Read more…]

Technology and Human Rights / Clyde Ford

Technology and Human Rights “How many of you want to have a positive impact on the world? To fight climate change? To advocate for racial justice? To actively work for gender equality? LGBTQ rights? Income equality?” Clyde Ford asks his audience— young, idealistic, full of students. Most hands shoot up.  “For those of you with [Read more…]

Terms and Conditions May Apply / Cullen Hoback

Terms and Conditions May Apply / Cullen Hoback

Think you have nothing to hide?  Guess again! Admit it: you don’t really read the endless terms and conditions connected to every website you visit, phone call you make or app you download. But every day, billion-dollar corporations are learning more about your interests, your friends and family, your finances, and your secrets…and are not [Read more…]