Terms and Conditions May Apply / New NetEvent

Terms and Conditions May Apply / New NetEvent

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Think you have nothing to hide?  Guess again!

Admit it: you don’t really read the endless terms and conditions connected to every website you visit, phone call you make or app you download. But every day, billion-dollar corporations are learning more about your interests, your friends and family, your finances, and your secrets…and are not only selling it to the highest bidder, but freely sharing it with the government.

Imagine if someone had access to your Gmail or Facebook accounts? How scary would it be if every place you went and every word you said was being recorded?

This isn’t science fiction. It’s happening now, AND YOU AGREED TO ALL OF IT!

Now that all our communications have gone digital, it’s never been more important to think about how you’re connecting to the internet, who has access to your data, and how it might be used in nefarious ways. Tune in from your laptop and join the interactive Zoom experience, as privacy expert Cullen Hoback streams live to your school to answer vital questions around security and digital privacy.

Who is Cullen Hoback? 

You may have seen his documentary on Netflix “Terms and Conditions May Apply.” After years of engaging audiences with his popular live show, it just makes sense that a show about the internet take place on the internet. It’s better this way. 

Using real-time examples pulled from Zoom participants, Hoback shows the true cost of letting our every moved be tracked, how vulnerable our accounts and devices really are, and provides immediate tips that can be implemented as you watch. His new guided break-out rooms allow participants to investigate each others’ social media presence. Remote screen sharing enables examples from real student accounts with often hilarious results.

Previously, countless advisors lamented that more students couldn’t see the show after the fact. Well now they can! The lecture will remain accessible to students and faculty for the remainder of the semester—meaning it can incorporated into curriculum or offered as extra credit. In the era of social distancing, this humorous interactive NetEvent may be the most necessary hour your student body spends online.

The All New Interactive NetEvent features:

-Onscreen engagement through participant video feeds, polling, hand raising

-Lots of video student participation with humorous outcomes

-Q&A to answer privacy/security questions unique to your school’s situation

-Breakout groups where students investigate each other’s digital footprints

-Remote access (with permission) of student computers to demonstrate how much companies and the government are secretly taking

-Video clips from Hoback’s popular Netflix documentary “Terms and Conditions May Apply”

-Insights into how personalized analytics are used to manipulate decisions and belief

-Discussion of new surveillance techniques being used to combat COVID19 like facial recognition, police drones, and location tracking

-Real-time demo of how much online companies know about you

-Immediate application of security measures to minimize harm

-Real-time links to security tools with step-by-step guidance



Cullen was great to work with and one of the better pros I’ve encountered:
-Showed up early to set up his MAC equipment as requested
-Pleasant demeanor
-Spoke well
-Stayed after to answer questions

His presentation was well thought out and organized:
-He was obviously an expert on the topic
-Explained things in a way so all could understand
-He gave his opinion without making others feel threatened or possibly insecure about their own

Cullen was personally one of my favorites and was also well received by the people in attendance.

Director, Student Life
Ivy Tech CC


Cullen was GREAT! I really enjoyed it. The presentation was very provocative and so real. We hope he had a good experience with Tri Delta and would certainly recommend him to other groups.
Thank you for working with us,

Sarah, Delta Delta Delta Collegiate Leadership Conference

Those attending will all be altering their social media habits as the presentation was an eye opening experience!

Kim, Schenectady County Community College, NY

Cullen was great to work with at Pitt Greensburg. His talk was engaging for our students and the feedback was phenomenal.  Even afterwards there have been students talking about it throughout campus, and those students that didn’t go feel like the missed a worthwhile program.  I would recommend Cullen for any campus.

Al T.  Director, Student Activities
University of Pittsburgh – Greensburg


We extremely enjoyed Cullen Hoback’s performance! Not only was it informative, but it was hilarious as well! We had a large age range and received very positive feedback from them as well. It was very enlightening to see our very own students’ profiles and what they can do to better protect themselves.

Gretchen, Late Night Events Coordinator



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