#MeToo: Overcoming Sexism and Harassment Hollywood Style / Lauren LoGiudice

#MeToo:  Overcoming Sexism and Harassment Hollywood Style / Lauren LoGiudice



#metoo happened and #TIMESUP was created … now what?

In this entertaining interactive, multi-media lecture, students will find out how to navigate the terrain between #metoo and a new world. Through video clips, audio samples, and rare photos, students will uncover the stories of the fierce women and LGBT people  of Hollywood’s scandalous past and present who took on the man and won.

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Discover how to:

•Flip power dynamics on a dime

•Beat the shamers at their game

•Create a community that supports your success.


Presenter Lauren LoGiudice is an actor and comedian from NYC whose work has been featured in The New York Times, BBC America, Bust Magazine, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Curve Magazine, Funny or Die, and more. Her solo show, Garbo Dreams, about the life of Hollywood icon Greta Garbo, opened the door to the rarely-seen-research sources used in this lecture. She has starred in numerous commercials and films, as well as appeared in the Emmy-award winning HBO show VEEP.


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Lauren’s #metoo show was so well received by our students and staff. It was timely, educational, entertaining, and inspirational. #laurenisawesome!
— Amy B., Director of Student Life, Southwestern Illinois College


The program was visually compelling, entertaining, and informative, allowing for brief yet comprehensive look at yesterday’s queer Hollywood. Through performance, engagement, questions, and critique, Ms. LoGuidice helped her audience access empowering tools for current activism, grounded in early-to-mid-20th century queer history.
– Clare M., student


My favorite part was just getting to learn about how these women went through so much to get where they are. I took from the program a since of newly formed inspiration. It really inspired me to embrace who I am.
– Henry F., student


Have you ever wondered what some of American history’s most influential figures would have to say about activism today? This program shows how the lives of strong-willed LGBTQ and allied members of Old Hollywood can teach a lot about impassioned and practical activism to the movers and shakers of today.
– Austin G., student


If anyone ever thinks old Hollywood is just some black and white movies, they are wrong. It is so much more than that, it is women not afraid of being who they truly are.
– Sam J., student


I left thinking about how we all need to be comfortable in our own skin, whether your gay, straight, lesbian, transgender, or bisexual. It also applies to self image and accepting yourself as you are whether overweight or skinny, tall or short.
-Laura P., University of New Hampshire


I learn to live our truth and to be confident and not let anyone take that away. To be unapologetic all yourself.
– Olivia R., student

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