NO, I Am Not a Terrorist! / Zohra Sarwari

NO, I Am Not a Terrorist! / Zohra Sarwari

Are all Muslims terrorists?  What does Islam say about “terrorism”?  What is behind the veil?

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This is a golden opportunity to change the way your students think about Muslims and other religions.  Over 50% of Americans have no basic understanding of the Muslim faith, which causes discrimination and intolerance everywhere.

Using humor and personal experiences, best selling author, Zohra educates others about diversity. Her program promotes dialogue and fosters tolerance towards people of all races, religions and backgrounds, regardless how tough and sensitive the subject matter.

Zohra came to America from Afghanistan at age 6.  Her parents could barely speak a word of English when they arrived and worked in low-paying jobs to make ends meet.  Despite the circumstances, Zohra strived to achieve success.  She married at the age of 19, then went on to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a Master’s in Business Administration and is currently working on a Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Studies.

Additional programs offered by Zohra:
Are Muslim Women Oppressed? 
What is the scarf (hijaab) for? What does the Qur’aan say about women? So often we hear the Muslim Women are oppressed due to how they dress and because they aren’t allowed to go school.  This program will explain to the audience who Muslim women are, what their status is, and if they can they get an education or not?  What roles do they play in the world, if any?

What is Sharia Law?  Is It Really Coming to the United States?
Is it a barbaric set of laws that Muslims are trying to sneak into the US?  Does Sharia Law take all of the women’s rights away?  Does Sharia Law have brutal punishments for those who break the Law?  Are the Muslims trying to take over the US with their Sharia Law?  Does Sharia Law exist in Muslim countries?  These and more will be answered in this amazing lecture.


All went tremendously.  Good crowd – about 220 almost filling the venue.  Zohra is a tremendous person who really connected well with the students.  About 30 students lined up to talk with her at the end of her presentation.  Much emotion, and many, many student lives touched in such a gentle and positive way.  It was so nice getting to spend time with her, my life is enriched.

Ron B. Director, Career & Leadership Development
U WI, Whitewater


Zohra is one of the most humble, sweetest, and funniest people you’ll ever meet. After a few minutes going over the program, she was eager to custom make a speech to match what we were looking for. She delivered an amazing speech. If you are looking for a great speaker, guaranteed to leave on impression on your audience – I highly recommend Zohra Sarwari without any hesitation.
P.S. Make sure you take notes during her speech!

Jason K
Graduate Coordinator for Student Development
Rutgers University

It was a pleasure to have Mrs. Sarwari on our campus.  Her talk was very informative and eye-opening. I know that I learned a great deal and the feedback from the students, faculty, and staff members that attended indicated the same.

She has a true passion for what she does and that can be seen in the enthusiasm with which she speaks.  She challenges the way people think without being disrespectful of their beliefs.  Many of our students were apprehensive about coming to her talk, because they were unfamiliar with Muslims but her use of humor really set them at ease.  I believe that they were able to be open-minded because of her demeanor and ability to set people at ease.

Stacie R
The Office of Student Activities
Gainesville State College

Your presentation was interesting, informative, educational, fun, thought provoking, and one that students as well as members of the general public really enjoyed.

I received many positive comments from those in attendance.  They did not know what to expect but your presentation really opened their eyes to a culture they know little about and hopefully this experience will help them in future discussions with others.

For many there, this was all new information for them as many students have never been exposed to the information in your presentation.  Thanks for being so easy to work with and so wonderful with my students!

Boyd J
Campus Programs Director
Winthrop University

It was awesome!!  Students LOVED her.  There were way more questions than I had anticipated, which was great.  People really seemed to enjoy her message. Thank you so much for all of your help!

                        Coordinator of Residence Life and Student Programming
                        St. Vincent College

She was amazing.  I personally felt a real connection to her, like we should be friends.  It went really well. I was a little nervous that there would be a few weirdos in the crowd but it turned out that everyone really just wanted to learn. It was a lot of community folks but also a lot of students.  So happy I did it!

Shelley K. B.
Director of Student Life
Centralia College, WA

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