Crossing the Line: Comedians, Politicians and Shock Jocks / Teja Arboleda, M.Ed

Crossing the Line: Comedians, Politicians and Shock Jocks / Teja Arboleda, M.Ed
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This multimedia lecture by actor/speaker/educator Teja Arboleda, digs deep into the freedom of speech issue. By asking the current hot-button question – Where is the line, and who, if anyone, is allowed to cross it? – Arboleda challenges the audience to consider the consequences of stereotypes reinforced by the famous, the powerful and the media. Using his fast-paced humor, up-to-the-minute statistics, mixed with audience participation and actual media (web video, news, TV, movies and radio clips), this explosive program focuses on celebrity/media faux pas, and examines America’s reaction to comments and actions by celebrities such as Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, Glenn Beck,  among many others.

Throughout the program, a series of questions in the form of live polls will be presented to the audience. Using smart devices such as iPhones and cell phones, the audience will respond anonymously to determine if the clips presented cross the line or not. Instantly after each poll, a graph will show up on the screen behind Arboleda, showing the results. After the program, a standard series of polls will be taken, stirring dialogue and debate, covering issues of The First Amendment, freedom of speech, language, democracy, race, culture, religion, gender, and class issues. The valuable data collected with the polls will be available to the college/university, giving the administration, PR, professors and students a powerful look at the real issues on their campuses.

Teja is African American, Native American, Filipinio-Chinese, & German-Danish.  Although Arboleda was born in Brooklyn, New York, he lived in Germany for two years and grew up in Japan. He has a BA in Visual and Linguistic Socio-Communuications from Clark University, and is fluent in Japanese and German. His recent PBS documentary “Crossing the Line: Multiracial Comedians,” won the 2009 Silver Telly Award for best documentary.

You can follow him on:
Twitter: @tejaarboleda
FaceBook: Race Pizza

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