Surviving Inside the American Drug War / Kevin Booth

Surviving Inside the American Drug War / Kevin Booth

Surviving Inside the American Drug War

Even Minor Marijuana Charges Could End Your College Career!

Every state and every university is different.
This program is an interactive multi media presentation utilizing audience participation to keep the conversation focused on what matters to you.

Institutions won’t allow students to use marijuana on campuses for
fear of running afoul of federal law and losing their funding.

Film director / activist Kevin Booth debuted his first film “American Drug War” 12 years ago on Showtime and Netflix. Four films later he is considered one of the top experts on the subject of drugs and the laws created to control them.

He is an award-winning director and producer of such documentaries as Showtime’s American Drug War: The Last White Hope; American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny; and How Weed Won the West. He has filmed all over the world, immersing himself in the ever-changing and highly unpredictable marijuana industry.

Kevin’s films have won several awards for Best Feature Documentary in many American film festivals, including:
Artivist Film Festival’s Best Feature
International Human Rights Award

Kevin’s unique perspective trashes the old, tired, legalization debate for a lively, new discussion focused on what is currently happening in America today.


The lecture was extremely informative and enjoyable. Many Americans need to be more well informed on how the War on Drugs is failing. It is hurting our students, our economy, and is exploiting our country.  Kevin’s discussion addressed these issues head on and was backed up with facts and statistics. It was a very fun evening and even more importantly an educational experience!

St Marys College

The program was well received by attendees and was very insightful.  By sharing his own personal stories about legal and illegal drug use, I felt the audience easily related to the information.  In addition, his persistence in getting top of the line interviews was very impressive, and appreciated by the audience.  I want to thank Kevin for taking the initiative to create his documentaries that reveal a variety of opinions on the war on drugs and the corruption it has lead to in our government.  Thank you for making our event at CSU a success!

Amanda B.
Colorado State University


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