Other: The New Normal? / Teja Arboleda, M.Ed

Other: The New Normal? / Teja Arboleda, M.Ed

This one-man, multimedia show will make you laugh and cry, and seriously contemplate your own identity. Ride along with Teja through generations of mixed-race and cultural experiences from all over the world.

Entertaining Diversity’s flagship one-man show (originally titled ‘Ethnic Man!’) is a fast paced, humorous and dramatic autobiographical multimedia performance. Having enjoyed countless standing ovations, unforgettable messages about race, culture, ethnicity, class, gender and religion, Arboleda’s story has been a particularly influential and entertaining choice of colleges and theaters around the country. Arboleda is African-American/Native-American/Filipino-Chinese & German-Danish, and he grew up in Japan. Funny, intelligent, serious, thought-provoking. 

Currently an adjunct professor, teaching Race & Ethnic Relations and Media Production at The New England Institute of Art in Brookline, MA, he received his B.A from Clark University, and his M.Ed from Lesley University, Cambridge, MA.

What schools are saying

We truly enjoyed Teja’s performance/presentation. I am actually interested in bringing him back next year. This is really rare for me. I usually do not bring the same speaker back for consecutive years.

However, Teja had a very energetic presentation style coupled with very relevant information for our campus. He kept tossing out nuggets of history packaged within his personal stories. His approach was so unique and professional. What a refreshing presenter! Thank you for working with us!
It was a great pleasure! I will be in touch at some point during the summer to book him for the next fiscal year.

                       Beverly L
Director of Student Activities
Forsyth Technical Community College

Teja Arboleda (Ethnic Man) was wonderful, everyone who attended really enjoyed his presentation. Teja really got the students to think about issues they may have not thought about before and to reflect on their own ethnic background. He went beyond what was expected and really made an impact on people. His presentation was humorous and entertaining yet his message came across seriously as he made each point non confrontational. I believe all students should have the opportunity to hear Teja’s message. It is extremely important in today’s diverse population.

Sara Solloway
Activities Advisor
Texas Tech University

I would like to thank you for the wonderful opportunity that CIA Speakers gave us, in bringing Mr. Teja Arboleda to our campus. He is such a pleasant and funny person to talk to. We were delighted with his show, Ethnic Man! His show gave us an insight on real cultural diversity.

Tamara Barona-Flores
Cultural Programs Coordinator
Oklahoma State University

It was a pleasure having you at Raritan Valley Community College. Your presentation, Ethnic Man, challenged us to think beyond race and color. It offered a very stimulating and enriching dialogue that generated much conversation in our college community. The Black History Month Committee wishes to thank you for your time, your honesty and you powerful performance. May our paths cross again in the future.

Julia West-Johnson
Kim Folkes
Co-chairs Black History Month Committee
Raritan Valley Community College

NERSC comments, Providence, RI – Keynote & Workshops
– Great! Wonderful keynote.
– Very touching & poignant but made me think and ask what’s behind the smile.
– Great presentation.
– Excellent choice for NERSC.
– It was inspirational, moving, amazing.
– He is awesome. Teja is an amazing person and felt very inspiring to me.
– He spoke from his heart and own experiences. Truly touching and meaningful.
– The best presentation and talk on racism.
– Awesome, inspirational story.
– Great presenter.
– Longer presentation – more!!
– I think the statement “racism is a disease: is huge. It was fabulous.
– He was excellent.
– Very good presenter.
– Great presentation.
– Great session. Really enjoyed his stories and life as an example of a diverse life.
– Amazing story. Very excellent message.
– Enjoyed Teja sharing his life with everyone
– Amazing life story.
– He can help by sharing his experiences.
– He was an excellent presenter, very informative and interesting.
– Hope you have him back!
– Wonderful, funny man.

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