A Day With Dr.J

A Day With Dr.J


Calling all College Students! The uncertainty and insecurity many students feel from being away from home (some for the 1st time; others after living at home during the Pandemic) can cause a tremendous amount of anxiety & stress.

When your classmates struggle, where do they go?   After working with hundreds of thousands of students nationwide, Dr. J’s research reveals how students often stay silent about their struggles because:

1. They don’t think anyone will care.

2. They don’t want to burden people with their problems.

3. They think people will judge them and that they’re weak.

As the CEO of Help Online, Dr. J is here for students to “Ask 4 help & Train 2 Help.”  She is equipping students with more tools and confidence to be there for people in need.

When your classmates struggle, how will you help?


Dr. J never thought she’d make it out of her teens alive.  Eventually, behavior issues in undergraduate school nearly cost her the academic and athletic scholarships she had earned, as well as her life. Graduate school was no walk in the park for her either as she became a three-time drop out.

Now, as a Doctor of Psychology, CEO of Help Online & TEDx Speaker, DR. J brings the kind of help she wished she, and the people she loves, had growing up:

– A space to be real.

– Stories to relate.

– More ways to not feel alone.

Bringing her TXT Help Line + Trainings to schools nationwide, Dr. J is here to empower students to “Ask 4 help & Train 2 Help.” So much more than a speaker, Dr. J is truly unparalleled in her ability to connect with, and activate, our generation to be the help this world so urgently needs.


In my 25 years, this is the best program I have ever seen. – Seton Hall University


It went really great! Despite being on zoom, our students were locked in from the jump!

Jessica B. Director, Leadership /Engagement
Rosemont College, PA


Today our curriculum team was creating a list of 10 people that our students should be studying, with a focus on strong character and overcoming obstacles. They chose Jackie Robinson and 9 other famous people. The third name on the list was Julia Garcia. Need I say more?

-Amy Perhamus, Educator




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