ThunderDome! Face Your Fears, Build Your Dreams with Rob Lehr & Drac

ThunderDome! Face Your Fears, Build Your Dreams with Rob Lehr & Drac

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Thunderdome is a feature length documentary that follows the true story of Rob Lehr, haunted by death after being in a deadly plane crash, who chose to engage life rather than escape it.  This film illustrates how the power of community can help us deal with tragedy and difficulty in life.  The main character is the growing Humans VS Zombies movement taking the world by storm! It all started with Rob building a Nerf battlefield in his backyard (ThunderDome Nerf Arena), and has evolved into the documentary film and a college tour with Drac “the one & only Nerf Vampire”.  Screening includes Rob & Drac participating in your very own HvZ campus event!


Rob Lehr is a documentary filmmaker and artist that lives in Springfield, Missouri. After surviving a deadly plane crash while filming his first feature film, “What Matters?”, he confronted his PTSD and digital escapism by transforming his backyard into a real-life video game, The Thunderdome Nerf Arena. What began as one man’s battle with the ever quickening pursuit of his own mortality has evolved into a YouTube-fueled neon revolution that is rapidly expanding into backyards across the world.

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