21 %: The Rise of Women & Entrepreneurs / Julia Garcia

21 %: The Rise of Women & Entrepreneurs / Julia Garcia
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By the time she turned 21, author, PHD candidate and nationally renowned speaker, Julia Garcia, had already worked more jobs than years she had been alive. From dancing on bars, to taking pictures for an online newspaper, to being a licensed soccer coach and personal trainer, to a broadcast journalist and a Starbucks barista. Julia sometimes juggled 3 jobs at once, just to make ends meet.

After Julia graduated with her undergraduate degree as a scholar/athlete, she continued to work her way up as a woman in the workplace by making everything up as she went along.  What she discovered was that the more educated, traveled and experienced she became, the less she saw women entrepreneur peers that she felt she could identify with.

Julia ended up spending her twenties being one of the youngest and often only biracial women being represented in work, education, and organizations she consults with (not to mention the only one rockin’ purple hair on stage).

As refreshing as she is fierce, Julia, shares her best kept secrets on how she went from feeling underestimated and not good enough to being able to walk into a room and command the full attention of peers twice her age. She reveals to audiences that it’s not about what they think they have no business doing, but about building the habit of doing and laying a foundation that can bring any business and dream to life.
When the wage gap for women is flirting all too closely to 21% less than men doing the same job, Julia Garcia knows that in order to lead the next generation of young girls and women we have to empower them to rise up to not just run the world, but to once and for all, equally build, manage, and represent it.


In this program Julia will cover the following:

What’s the story of women in the workplace?
What scares you/dares you?
YOU are your greatest investment! Exploring different ways to invest in your career, education, and all contributing factors that keep you rising above all of the barriers and adversities you face.
We need YOU! (why we need women and entrepreneurs)

Since 2011, Julia Garcia has been empowering audiences all over the country, by uniquely infusing performance art into her powerful lectures.

As a refreshing and current voice who is encouraging students to stand together on all issues we traditionally stay silent about, Julia is creating a safe space for students to positively address issues of identity, relationships, substance abuse, gender issues, current events, leadership, and diversity.

Julia’s career at a glance:

JULIA GARCIA’S latest startup, THE REWRITE PROJECT, won the audience impact award at the largest Entrepreneur pitch event in the state of Arizona. Within the same month, JULIA’S work with teens in high risk environments, had her featured as one of 15 select speakers, at the first HOPE^2 Talk in Arizona, alongside some of the most prominent and leading Educators in the country. A few days after that, JULIA was the keynote Speaker for the first NO PLACE FOR HATE celebration, which is a Diversity & Inclusion initiative to end bias and bullying in schools.
Creator & Founder: The TRU Movement 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
Doctorate of Psychology Candidate, Current, Saybrook University
Master of Arts, Human Science with a concentration in transformative social change, Saybrook University
Bachelor of Communication Arts, New York Institute of Technology
Published Memoir; Somewhere In Between, Morgan James Publishing
NCAA Certified Speaker
National E Coaching License, Soccer
As a student, Julia was a scholar athlete for the women’s soccer team, a writer for the campus newspaper, a journalist reporter for the local news station, and president of the Women’s Association.


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