Myth America: How We Get Our History Wrong and Why / Rick Shenkman

Myth America:  How We Get Our History Wrong and Why / Rick Shenkman
Rick Shenkman

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Did you know that:

– The Pilgrims did NOT land on Plymouth Rock?
– Betsy Ross did NOT sew the first flag?

In this humorous presentation, historian Rick explains why Americans are fond of myths and he clarifies who’s behind the falsehoods. His research shows that many of the myths are the product of a concerted campaign in the 19th century to turn Americans into patriotic nationalists. Today the myths are perpetuated by government bureaucracies afraid of letting Americans in on the big secret. Schools are frightened of creating controversy. Tourist boards are scared of driving away visitors who come to see the shrines they learned to revere as children. Politicians quail before the powerful super patriotic groups that are determined to use history to advance their own biased agenda.

Thoreau said that we remember only what is important. But Americans seem to remember from their history all that’s mythical. With time the facts fade. But the myths go on and on.


What schools are saying:

Thank you so much for today’s program. It was a true success as we had just over 100 in attendance. Additionally, I have heard several pieces of positive feedback from those who came to hear Mr. Shenkman’s lecture. This was a great way to recognize Constitution Day on our campus.

Thanks again and have a great week!
Steve B
Ivy Tech University


Rick was great to work with. He is very personable and passionate about his topic. He is able to deal with audience members who may challenge him in an aggressive manner with great ease. I have had him on campus several times and would certainly do it again. Jayne at Contemporary Issues Agency is also amazing to work with. We have brought many of their speakers and have always had a positive experience.

Shelley B
Director of Student Life & Involvement
Centralia College




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