William Cane

Mate Smart: Birth Order and Romantic Compatibility / William Cane

Best-selling author William Cane begins MATE SMART with a PowerPoint lecture explaining why celebrity couples like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, and Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were destined for conflict because of incompatible birth order. Then discover the secret to dating compatibility and career success based on YOUR unique sibling configuration. As part of [Read more…]

Subliminal Sex In Advertising / William Cane

SUBLIMINAL FLYER – 2015 Advertisers are hiding sexual, death, and religious messages in the backgrounds of advertisements you view hundreds of times every day. These ads appear on TV, on the Internet, and even on your cell phone. Most importantly, there is no way to defend yourself against the insidious effects of subliminal advertising. Now [Read more…]